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Sales Techniques to Overcome Any Objection A Client Could Possibly Throw At You!

About Author
At the age of 17, Yogesh started his career  in NETWORK MARKETING and made His first *CRORE* TILL the age of 19. After his success in MLM, Yogesh tried different methods of passive income like Blogging, Investing, SMMA etc. After MASTERING the Process, he began Pursuing his PASSION…. Now Yogesh is teaching thousands of like-minded individuals to leave their 9-5 Jobs behind.
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This ebook is the ultimate sales, closing,negotiation and persuasion that allows you to influence anyone-regardless of age, sex, race, creed or socio-economic status-to take action in the direction that serves them. This is a Proven “donkey proof system” This is not just about sales close ; it will hit on every aspect of your life. It will enable you to establish next level happy relationships with your partner and childerns ,happy life in your office.

Please Dont buy it if you havent these 3 things in your blood 

1. The desire to be really wealthy.
2. To be able to take advantage of an opportunity when it comes knocking at your door.
3. A commitment to work your tail off after it does (not forever, but for a brief period of time).

We know Every sale has five basic challanges:

                No need, no money, no hurry, no desire, or no trust.

You know well , due to these 5 basic obstacles a lot of more objections comes in your way , but in this Ebook i will give you proven words those work for you to handle any sales objections :-

Look — If you keep doing what you're doing now then you can't expect different or better results. The key to better paychecks is preparing yourself with intelligent comebacks. Imagine if you knew EXACTLY what to say when you heard stuff like these :-

"... look here’s a full explanation of what you need to say to close the sale."

Example Sales Scripts  (read these carefully)

"Let me ask you this, Sanjay — Now that you know everything there is to know about this, WHAT'S THE ABSOLUTE WORST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN if you went ahead with it today?"

"I know you like the idea, but WHAT IS THE REAL REASON you won't try this right now? ... The monthly investment you make is less than what you might spend on a couple of rounds of cocktails on a Saturday night! — plus we have a money-back guarantee ... "

"I know you're busy, and so am I — but just take two minutes to get the info and then YOU BE THE JUDGE ... I mean if you saw a hundred dollar bill sitting on the sidewalk, you'd take a second to stop and pick it up, wouldn't you? ... I know that's a cheesy example, but I just want to introduce myself and LET YOU KNOW THAT WE'VE HAD A LOT OF SUCCESS in helping business owners just like yourself ... Hear me out for a second, OK?"

"OK, but hold on a second, Sanjay — I want to ask you: If there is anything about our company, service, or price that you don't like, then I'D LIKE YOU TO TELL ME, because the last thing I want to do is annoy you about something you aren't interested in. WOULD YOU DO THAT? Fine. So by the time we've had a 2-minute discussion, we'll either be doing business or we won't. Fair enough?"

"Margaret, there are usually three reasons why someone can't make a decision when we first contact them. The first reason is that they don't quite understand how it works and how it will benefit them. The secondreason is that I might not have built enough credibility in my company ... and the third reason is that they simply can't afford us. IF I COULD SHOW YOU WITHOUT A DOUBT THAT IT DEFINITELY WORKS, then what exactly would be holding you back?"

"Which company are you using? Oh, that's a good company!! Who are you working with over there?? ... Hmm, I haven't heard of him. How did you happen to choose him? I see ... Why do you think you should stay with them WITHOUT COMPARING WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER? — Seems like you're taking a big risk by failing to compare value"

With this Complete Guide of the best technique (Psychological  Triggers) used by the most successful, most highly paid top 2% of salespeople, your earning power will expand to a new level of opportunity. I've seen my students double and even triple their income with this KNOWLEDGE.


With this EBook by your side, 

YOU ✅ Increase your confidence & ability to transform your sales.

         ✅ Smash through their objections and break your personal sales records. 

         ✅ Eliminate any fear or call reluctance that's holding you back. 

         ✅ Propel yourself to new levels of income and earning power. 

         ✅ Close more deals, faster. 

         ✅ Think of how you'll feel when you start closing more deals!

No Matter what is your profession, if you are in mlm, real estate, sales or any business you can imagine over the world I gurantee 1000% That, You Will Be Benefeeted From This Ebook.

So, what exactly is in SALES OBJECTION HANDLE LIKE PRO EBOOK? … What's it look like?

IT'S LIKE HAVING a top-gun sales guy looking over your shoulder, guiding you through the sale. — You'll have all the potent tools close at hand.
It looks like this, this is what you get:

✅ 55 pages — over 14,000 words — of actionable money-making     sales scripts attentively edited and assembled into an easy-to-use Guide.

✅ Free Professional Mp3 Audio so you can listen and learn on your phone or in your car. (AS SOON AS AVAILABLE FOR SALE)

✅ Over 25 modern, intelligent and effective comebacks & counter-arguments.

✅ 25 word-for-word closing "Power Statements."

✅ 20+ astounding new-school closing techniques that ask for the sale.

✅ 5+ budget data-mining questions for you to sniff out the money.

✅ Dozens of selling questions for you to isolate the objection.

✅ A special section on Psychological Triggers that exploit your buyer's EMOTIONS and unconscious desires.

✅ Six ingenious methods of stopping objections before they come up.


If you buy this book right now you will get access to the private group off the ultimate sales community on Facebook OK where you can raise your query and also get some great ideas and techniques shared by  the salespeople from all over the globe. And you will also get the latest sales techniques and earning techniques on a frequent basis. We are not done here you will get a weekly live webinar from me personally to your queries and problems related to sales and network marketing.
If you join our community RIGHT NOW, Although you will not need Any other material because this is the Holy Bible of sales objections you will need nothing but this ebook to Close any type of sale, because sales is not about the product or the price it’s all about the selling emotion and gaining trust, and trust always comes when you know everything which prospects may ask. But YOU ARE SPECIAL, So, you will get access to the Ebooks and audiobooks from the highly paid and experienced mentors (Like  Jordan Belfort, Grant Cardone, Dan Lok, etc.) and salespersons from all over the planet so you can learn the best information and get the knowledge from each one of them.
You will get access to the audio-book including all the techniques and details from SALES OBJECTIONS HANDLE LIKE PRO e-book completely for free. Which will be available for sale, very soon so that you can learn while you are jogging, working, driving, etc. This audio-book will keep you up to date without taking any extra second of your valuable time so that you can concentrate on your work while learning the ultimate sales techniques. And you can access this audiobook through all of your multimedia devices like iPod, iPhone, Android device laptop, computer.

Successful Students, just like YOU

Nitin Kumar

Real-Estate Agent, New Delhi

“I do at least 2 hours of cold-calling per day, and this is exactly what I was looking for!! The one-liners are definitely new and different from what I have learnt before. Also, it’s all there in black and white right in front of me and I don’t have to flip through a bunch of garbage like I do with the sales books I got off Amazon. Great resource. Highly recommended.”

Sandeep Singh

Networker (Product Base), Mumbai

“Sales guru Yogesh Yadav is a genius when it comes to awesome comebacks for overcoming objections. This fantastic ebook is packed full of great comebacks and sales counter-arguments that will put you in total control of your appointments, and have you closing a lot more sales, fast!”

Ajeet Kumar

Local Business Owner, Jaipur

“I recently purchased your training for my direct sales MLM business and I must say it’s amazing. I downloaded everything to my iPad. Your techniques have made selling so much easier for me. If anyone out there wants to increase their sales don’t let this product pass you by.”

Is that it?

No, there are also three (3) more bonus items included when you try the Guide.

5 reasons why people are broke by yogesh yadav

 “5 Reasons Why People are broke!” — This is an essential tool! If you don’t want to make the mistakes which most people make, which leads them to the way to SELF-SABOTAGE that leads to FAILURE,  BEING BROKE … , I personally recommend this ebook to EVERYONE use this workbook, to polishing your thought process and improving your life in general. This easy ebook will guide you step-by-step in determining what mistakes you should really avoid excelling in your career & life… A 2499.97 INR value.

sales closing mastery by yogesh yadav

“eBook Guide To SALES CLOSING MASTERY” — I wrote this ebook recently while working intimately as a Sales Mentor for “My Ultimate Sales Community” AKA our private facebook group (the access is free, if you try this program right now). They told me to get DOWN & DIRTY with these closing techniques. They work for Real Estate sales, consulting, local businesses, etc. A 5499.97 INR value.


+ Mp3 Audio Sales Training. Listen:

 – Instantly download (as soon as available for sale) and           hear this massive collection of 100% original, fresh &             modern one-liners and closing techniques.
 – Listen, pause & rewind until you’ve mastered them.             -Teaches you quickly and easily.
 – Add it to your iPod or phone, play it in your car. Fills you       with motivation and confidence. A 5499.97 INR value.

Instant Access! … Click through & immediately start using it.
Investing in your own sales effectiveness is not a "luxury spend." it's an ongoing required imperative that you're always getting BETTER at your sales job. You are either getting better, or you're getting worse.
So start getting better and start seeing bigger picture.

Don't let another day go by before you take action … Do something new to increase your income!


"You can't expect different or better results unless you try something new."


Don't deny yourself this advantage over your buyers … Download it now. You refer to these materials over and over again. Your co-workers will beg you for a copy. You close more sales and make more cash … I promise you this. Make selling fun again! ... An investment in your own earning power is surely worth it — Try these closely-guarded scripts & open a new gateway to increasing your personal revenue.


The Price:


Priced less than your daily cup of coffee over the course of a month. Costs less than a couple large pizzas. You spend less on this than you will on a round of drinks when you're out celebrating closing that next big sale. And it pays for itself right away:


Make just one more sale because of it, and you've easily covered the cost.


Try it right now new customers can get a discount upto 90% off the normal 9999.97 INR price and get the Complete Package including the MP3 Training and all the bonus items for only 999.97 INR.


This is an instant download and a tax-deductible investment in your personal improvement and future success in sales and in life:


Join the ultimate sales COMMUNITY and start building the most wanted sales career available today. We make sure every piece of knowledge is easily understood, and that all clients reach the same level of expertise needed for today’s competitive sales industry .

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